Welcome to Jupiter

Energy decisions are complex.

You want objective, independent advisors you trust. You need expertise and insight to make complex decisions, control costs and manage risk.

JUPITER is your energy partner.

JUPITER is focused on your needs for independent, objective advice and reliable processes to help you develop and implement plans to achieve your objectives while controlling costs and managing risk. Whether your challenge involves controlling natural gas price risk, accurately budgeting electricity costs, or developing a realistic pathway to decarbonizing your operation, we can help.

In mythology, Jupiter was the guardian and protector of the gods. In astrology, Jupiter was imbued with wisdom and insight, and credited with bringing prosperity and peace of mind. Like our namesake, JUPITER Energy Advisors applies our knowledge, influence and wisdom to the protection, prosperity and peace of mind of our clients.


The expert team at JUPITER will guide you to developing an effective strategy for achieving your energy objectives, and support you in realizing results.


Energy decisions are complicated. Instead of relying on intuition, assumptions or conventional wisdom, smart energy managers look for practical strategies that are evidence-based and offer a confident path forward in an uncertain world. The team at JUPITER is experienced in all aspects of the energy marketplace. As practitioners and as analysts, we think deeply about the behaviour of markets, evolving energy policy, the nature of risk, emerging threats and opportunities for energy users, and the challenge of making sound decisions in uncertain conditions. We are eager to put our insights to work for you.